Hotbox Sulfume



The Hotbox Sulfume is a sulphur vaporiser that is ideal for the control and eradication of plant diseases. It offers effective protection from botrytis, powdery mildew and black spot. The Hotbox slowly evaporates sulphur which evenly dissipates around your plants where it settles on the leaves. This has the effect of changing the pH level on the leaf surface, helping to eliminate powdery mildew and other fungi. It will also help control pests such as thrips, spider mite and leaf miners.

The Hotbox Sulfume comes with a 500g Sulphur Pack in the box. The evaporation of which occurs very evenly; you won’t get a heavier deposit close to the unit. The unit runs at the perfect temperature to vaporize, not burn the sulphur, which can cause oxides to develop. It is suitable for use throughout the life of the plant except the last 2 weeks of flowering. The unit runs at 100w until operating temperature and then drops to 50w to maintain it. The Hotbox is a very cost effective and efficient way of controlling disease with the reliance on sprays. On plants with dense foliage, it is easy to miss surfaces on which diseases can develop with a spray. The fine deposits of sulphur reach all parts of the plant for greater control.

What are the alternatives the Hotbox Sulfume and Sulphur Pack?

At Straight Up hydroponics, we have a couple of other options for the control of plant diseases. These can be in the form of foliar sprays and tank additives and they are all on our website, here! You are always welcome to call us to see if there are any new products that haven’t made it online yet!

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