Jiffy Coco Coir Blocks 3″




Jiffy Coco Coir blocks offer a natural alternative to using rockwool cubes. Made from natural coir, these cubes provide a better housing for beneficial bacteria. They have a higher air to water ratio than rockwool, which leads to healthy and rapid root growth. Each block comes supplied in a dry, compressed form and wrapped in a fine capillary fleece.  This coat ensures the coir fibres do not enter your irrigation system and cause blockages. Each block has a hole, ideal to fit the Jiffy Pellets and Root Riot starter cubes we stock at Straight Up Hydroponics. They’re also suitable for use with the rockwool starter cubes.

Jiffy Coco Coir Blocks give hydroponics growers the first natural and organic alternative to rockwool blocks. They consist of coco coir (coconut fibres). The substrate remains stable and does not degrade during the growing cycle, providing perfect growing conditions. The substrate doesn’t contain any nutrient value, which means the grower can maintain precise control over fertilisation throughout the grow. The blocks come dry and need expanding before use, meaning transport and storage savings. Coco coir is a renewable, environmentally friendly substrate with no disposal issues for its user.

What is the best nutrient to use with Jiffy Coco Coir Blocks?

Use Jiffy Coco Coir Blocks in conjunction with a coco specific nutrient for the best results. Straight Up Hydroponics stock a range of suitable nutrients from a few different manufacturers. Some are 2 part, some single, some are split into grow and bloom and others are for all the way through. To see what we have available by way of coco nutrition, please click on this link.

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