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Jiffy Pellets are great for starting seeds and rooting cuttings before transplanting. They consist coco coir fibres and high quality sphagnum peat in a highly porous membrane coat. The peat is from carefully selected bogs that are under government control to ensure minimal environmental impact. They harvest the peat only in areas where regeneration is greater than the rate of depletion. Use of peat has a bad name in the gardening community due to the damage harvesting can do, but not so with Jiffy Pellets!

Jiffy Pellets come in dry form and will need soaking before use to reconstitute them. Simply soak them in water until they expand and give them a gentle squeeze to get rid of excess water. Create a small hole in the pellet and insert the cutting or seed and you’re ready to go! If you need a tray to place the jiffys in, we have 84 cell trays available in store which can be cut with scissors to the right size. Place the young plants in a propagator under a low wattage light. If all goes well you’ll soon have some strong plants ready for transplant. The porous membrane keeps the pellet together while still offering full permeability for air and water.

Jiffy Pellets are available in bags of 50 or as a full box of 1000. They come with a special fertilizer in the material that provides the optimal environment for young plants to thrive in. When you are ready to pot up the plants, there is no need to remove the coat around the pellet. It will degrade in the media over time and has absolutely no negative effect on the plant.

Apart from Jiffy Pellets, what else can I use to bring on young plants?

Propagation is a very important time for a plant and having a successful early life sets the plant up for a productive life. At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a range of products to help with this critical time. From propagators to feeds and foliars, you can find them all under “Propagation” on our website. Alternatively click on this link to go straight there!

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