Lightwave T5 4 Tube Short


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PLEASE NOTE: The Lightwave T5 4 Tube Short is not available for delivery as they always get broken. We will automatically refund online orders for these products! Sorry for any inconvenience!

The Lightwave T5 4 Tube (short) Fluorescent Light fitting is ideal for raising seedlings, cuttings and young plants. The efficient design ensures as much light as possible makes it downward toward the plants. They also emit very little heat which allows you to position it closer to the plants. This can help reduce stretching in the early stages while increasing the available light. Each lamp has its own little reflector that curves above it, rather than just a big sheet of shiny material. This helps bounce more light from each bulb downward, making sure it doesn’t go straight back into the lamp.

Many growers use these units as supplementary light when the propagation period finishes. You can hang these units vertically which provides side lighting for the plants. Lower leaves get more light than they might from top lighting as upper leaves shadow them. This will help boost overall plant productivity and so end yield. The Lightwave T5 4 Tube  come complete with blue/ cool tubes (6500k) which are suitable for propagation and vegetative growth. You can switch the lamps for red ones if you need to and we can order the long ones in as you need. For shorter units, we usually have a few reds in stock. Please call us to see what is available!

The Lightwave T5 4 Tube has steel wire which comes ready to use on the unit. This is more than strong enough to take the weight of the fitting, just for peace of mind! They also come with a power cable and are ready to go out of the box. Simply plug in and switch it on. The lower wattage also makes them suitable for use with a decent segment timer, although many still opt for a heavy duty version. T5 fittings are not just great for plants; many people use them for other things such as over fish or with coral growing. This unit uses 4x 24w lamps.

What alternatives are there to the Lightwave T5 4 Tube (Short) Fluorescent Light?

At Straight Up Hydroponics, there are a few other options for propagation lighting. We have other T5 sizes, LED strips and CFL lamps of different wattages. You can see what we have available by clicking on this link.

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