Maxibright Small Parabolic Reflector



The Maxibright Small Parabolic wide angle, umbrella shaped reflector has a high gloss white powder coat finish. Ideal for use with grow tents to give an even distribution of light. The lamp is fitted in a vertical burning position which means the light that comes out of the lamp is spread and reflected evenly across the surface of the shade. The large version of this shade measures 800mm across. (around 31 inches in old money!)

Lamps that sit horizontally have a slightly larger effect along the plane of the bulb which makes them more effective one way than at 90 degrees to it. If you are growing in a square or round area, it is ideal to have the light as even as possible. Also with horizontal lamps, half of the light that leaves the lamp goes upwards and onto the reflector. This means it loses a fair amount of its intensity and so overall efficiency goes down. Vertical lamps have an even spread and an even reflection, making them a great option for indoor gardeners.

Key Features of the Maxibright Small Parabolic Reflector.
  • High gloss white powder coated finish for high reflectivity.
  • Wide and even distribution of light across the whole unit.
  • Suitable for use in grow tents, especially square ones.
  • Easy to assemble and they come with full instructions.
  • The lamp holder comes fully wired and ready to plug into a ballast.
  • Available in two sizes 800mm and 1000mm (both are on our website).
  • Runs high pressure sodium or metal halide lamps.

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a range of reflectors, ballasts and lamps. There are also a huge number of lighting kits available too in various wattages. To see what we have, please click on this link or go to the “Lighting” section on our website.

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