Maxijet 1000 Water Pump



The Maxijet 1000 pump incorporate a venturi aeration device that provides optimal gas exchange in the reservoir. It also uses a silencer which makes operation very quiet indeed. This is a primary concern for many, especially if using it in close proximity to living areas! They have an adjustable air filter that permits users to fine tune air volume and water mixing as you need. The Maxijet 1000 won’t overheat due to the water running through it constantly (just don’t run it ry!).

Another great feature is that these pumps is that they can operate in or out of the water. For use in the water, attach the pipe to the outlet and submerge the pump (don’t plug it in until your hands are clear!). For use out of water, attach a tube to both the inlet and outlet, running them where you need them. The MJ1000 has a 950 litre per hour capacity and a 1.5m lift height.

Can I use the Maxijet 1000 with hydroponic systems?

These pumps are ideal for use in many systems. In fact, lots of systems use them in their own kits as they are so good. We recommend the use of some kind of clearing solution with pipework and irrigation. These help prevent the build up of scale and algae deposits and will prolong the life of the pump. You can find these products under “additives” on our website. Alternatively, click here and go straight there!

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