New Millennium Winter Frost


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Winter Frost, as the name implies, simulates a winter frost and so generates a massive response from the plant. It acts as a warning sign to the plant to hurry up and get the fruits ready before temperatures drop too low. Of course, in the grow room these low temperatures are not a problem, but you can still get the reaction by using Winter Frost.

The effect is a massive push to flood the fruit with oils and terpenes, piling on the weight and stimulating a flush in colours in the final yield (lots of purples are reported). Your plants can even develop a frosty deposit on them as the oils intensify throughout the plant tissues. Winter Frost has quickly become a favourite among growers in the USA, and with good reason! It works alongside any nutrient brand and will help your plants achieve the very limit of what they are capable of producing. Use Winter Frost in the last 2 weeks before flush and see what all  the fuss is about!

Alternatives to Winter Frost

At Straight Up hydroponics, we have a few other products aimed squarely at oil and terpen production. Terpinator is one of the most popular, as well as the new Purpinator, which boosts colours as well. Cha Ching from FoxFarm is a powdered version, and Rock Resinator is becoming more and more popular. All of our additives are on our website and you can see them by clicking here.

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