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The NEWA Therm Pro Water Heater is a heater for aquariums and nutrient tanks. It offers safe operation thanks to the high mechanical and thermal resistance. Each unit has a micro processor inside that precisely maintains the set temperature set by the user. The NEWA Therm Pro has 2 different colour LED lights that show the current status and operation of the heater. You can easily what the heater is doing just by looking at the lights.

The temperature is set by the adjustable temperature indicator on the upper cap. Simply turn it to the heat you want to maintain and install it in the water tank. As with any electrical product for use in or near water, always follow the manufacturers instructions carefully. This will ensure safe operation as well as optimal performance.

Do I really need a NEWA Therm Pro Water Heater?

While it is not an essential addition to your system, a NEWA Therm Pro does impart some benefits. Water that comes out of the tap and into your system is pretty cold, especially during the winter months. At that time of year, it can come out at just a few degrees above freezing. If this water comes into contact with a plants root system, it has the potential to shock the plant which can stunt growth. Much like plunging your feet into very cold water, plants don’t much like it very much! By keeping the water warmer, you ensure the roots get protection from this shock, allowing them to thrive. For most plants, a temperature of between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit (18 – 23 Celsius) is great for maximum development. Be careful not to go too high as above 77 fahrenheit (25 Celsius) or so, pathogens such as pythium can become a problem.

Another great thing you can do for your plant reservoir is to aerate it. At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a few options on our website. You can see what we have available by clicking on this link.

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