Parbright 600w Ballast (Formerly Eurolux Ballast)



The Parbright 600w Ballast (formerly Eurolux) is a low cost magnetic ballast for striking HID lamps. It is the cheapest ballast available at Straight Up Hydroponics but remains one of the most popular. They are a magnetic type ballast which is one of the older tech options but is still reliable. The Parbright 600w Ballast is from Venture Lighting, a famous manufacturer in horticultural lighting. They guarantee the output from this unit is 600w, unlike some “no-brand” ballasts. They feature a ignitor timer for extra reliability and a thermal cut off for safety.

As the Parbright 600w Ballast is a magnetic type, they will get hot during operation. This is completely normal and is a by product of the inner workings. The user should leave some space around the unit to allow for more efficient cooling. Do not stack or mount directly next to each other as this can cause overheating. They are very easy to use, being a simple plug and play design. Screw a 600w lamp into the reflector, plug the reflector into the ballast and the ballast into the wall. Done! You can safely use the Parbright with both HPS and metal halide lamps and also with a contactor and timer. If you are looking for a low cost, reliable 600w ballast – this is it! You can also get these ballasts in lighting kits, further increasing value for money.

What are the alternatives to the Parbright 600w Ballast?

At Straight up Hydroponics, we have a range of other ballasts, both magnetic and digital. They are from a range of manufacturers and come in different forms. Some are stand alone, single wattage versions. Others are dimmable, allowing the powering of different wattage lamps from the same ballast. You can see all of these options on our website by clicking on this link.

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