So often forgotten, the Pipette is a very handy tool, especially in smaller scale gardens. They can take up and measure up to 5ml of liquid for better accuracy in dosing. Simply pinch the end of the pipette and place the tip in the solution you want to measure. Slowly release the pressure and the liquid will flow into the tube. When you reach the amount you want, keep the pressure steady and take the tip out. Now you just need to place the pipette over the water tank and squeeze the end to add the feed.

A Pipette is very useful in large grows too if you are using a high concentration product such as Superthrive. At a dose rate of a drop per gallon, it can be hard to do with a syringe or cup. They are also great for adding pH adjustment fluids, as these can be high concentrate too.

What are the alternatives to the Pipette?

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a few other measuring tools, to suit a wide range of needs. We have syringes of different sizes, measuring cups and jugs in 1 and 2 litre sizes. You can find these on our website along with many other grow room tools by clicking on this link.


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