Plant Magic Soil Supreme is a blend of Fytocell foam, sphagnum peat and Plant Magic’s own organic growth stimulant. This unique mix creates a fantastic environment for roots, in which they thrive! In turn, this results in quicker plant development due to more available nutrition. Your plants will benefit from this and develop great taste, colour and aroma!

Fytocell foam is a 100% bio-degradable additive that is harmless to the environment and has great aeration properties as well as water retention. This encourages a good rate of air exchange, which keeps the roots well oxygenated. One of the key points of a successful grow is keeping the air around the root zone flowing. Stagnant, stale air can severely affect the development of healthy roots.

Plant Magic organic growth stimulant is comprised of prehistoric plant and animal remains that have decomposed over millions of years. As well as being great for your plants’ health, it is also full of beneficial fungi and micro-organisms. The soil contains plenty of food for these beneficial life forms, which work with the roots to create a healthy symbiotic relationship.

Alternatives to Plant Magic Soil Supreme

At Straight Up Hydroponics , we stock a few other soils that are all top quality. To view what we have available, please click this link. If you require a Plant Magic grow schedule they are on our website. Please look at the relevant base nutrient (in this case, most likely Plant Magic Soil Grow/ Bloom or the Old Timer range).

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