Pocket Microscope



If you have an insect infestation in your grow room, one of the best things you can do is identify the pest. This way you can tune your treatment to better suit the attacker. As the majority of these blighters are very, very small, this can be tricky. The Pocket Microscope magnifies these bugs, letting you see what is doing all the damage. Many growers opt for a general insect spray that is meant to kill all invaders. These can be effective, but may not kill the specific insect to have. This is a waste of money but worse, a waste of time. While you wait for the spray to work, the insects can still be active, sucking the life out of your plants. Identification and targeting is a much better way to go about it!

The Pocket Microscope is capable of magnifying from 60x to 100x which makes it great for even the smallest critters. They have a light too which you switch on before use. Not using the light will just mean the view through the eyepiece is dark! After switching on, simply hold the microscope up to what you want to look at. The design of the unit means you will need to rest the base on the surface of the leaf (or surface). This also stabilizes the Pocket Microscope, making it much easier to use. The unit includes batteries.

What do I do if I find bugs with the Pocket Microscope?

Fear not! At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a range of products for the control and termination of insects and diseases. Some are indeed general killers but others are for specific insects such as spider mite and thrips. To see what we have available, you can visit the “Pest Control” section of the website by clicking on this link.


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