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Purpinator is the latest product from the manufacturers of Terpinator! The special formula benefits from a variety of inputs that increase the production of flavonoids. These compounds encourage the plant to produce deeper hues of purple in plants that are capable of supporting them. Purpinator does this without increasing stress levels or modifying the growing environment! If you have plants with a purple colouring, this will make it stand out from the crowd and really show the plants quality off.

Purpinator has also had Terpinator incorporated into the formula! With this, you’ll get a boost in production of terpenes and secondary metabolites. These will boost flavours and aromas of your crops, significantly increasing the quality!

Purpinator 0-2-4 is made for all vascular plants that include vegetables, herbs, ornamentals and flowers and contains primary and secondary nutrients needed for fruit and flower set. It is suitable for use through all stages of life to support growth and natural pprogression of bountiful flowers, tasty fruit and a fantastic finish!

Alternatives to Purpinator

Purpinator is pretty unique at the moment, in its ability to boost purple colourings. If you want products to boost flavours and aromas, we also have Rock Resinator, Bud Factor X, Cha-Ching and of course Terpinator. All of these are on our website and you can see them by clicking here!