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If you have had pythium attack your plants before, you know the damage it can do. In just a few days, it can decimate your crop, wasting your time and money. PythOff from Flairform stops pythium from developing in you hydroponic systems. For the best effect, use it as a preventative to stop it ever getting a foot hold in the first place. It helps keep your system sterile and free of waterborne pathogens that will attack the roots. It will also cure root rotting diseases, as long as you use it early enough; past a certain point, there isn’t much that can help.

PythOff sterilizes everything it comes into contact with from water tanks, water pipes, drippers, media and even roots. It is a fantastic product if you are promoting a sterile solution. Please be aware that if you use any beneficial bacteria/ fungi additive products, PythOff will kill those off too. Be sure to follow the manufacturers instructions to get the best effect. If you are looking for a root zone conditioner that is compatible, Hygrozyme contains only enzymes and no bacterial ingredients.

Can I use PythOff in other substrates?

While it is fine for use in a hydroponic system, it isn’t suitable for soil and coco (or other similar medias). It will kill off all of the beneficial bacteria in the soil, making the quality far more inferior than it was. If you need to control root diseases in these substrates, we recommend using Wilt Guard by CXpress. This protects roots from disease and works even better alongside Regen-A-Root. Always give nutrient bottles a good shake before use to ensure the ingredients are even throughout the bottle.

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a few additives that help the root zone as well as boosters. To see what we have available, please click on this link.

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