ROOT IT! Propagator Heat Mat




The ROOT IT! Propagator Heat Mat is perfect for propagating when the weather turns colder. In these conditions it becomes harder to maintain a stable environment for cuttings or seedlings. When you place one under a propagator, it will raise the root-zone temperature by about 5 – 10 degrees over the ambient. This will encourage more rapid rooting and therefore shorter overall grow times which is always a bonus!

The medium heat mat measures 600mm x 400mm and will accommodate 2 medium propagators or 1 large propagator, whereas the large mat is 1200mm x 400mm (twice as long as the medium). For more efficient heating, place the mat on a heatproof, insulated surface rather than a cold stone floor (or similar) that will drain the heat away. Please make sure there is no standing water when in use! The ROOT IT! Propagator Heat Mat comes fully pre-wired, ready to go. You can use it with a segment timer if need be or constantly if it’s too cool.

Do you need stuff to go with the ROOT IT! Propagator Heat Mat?

At Straight Up Hydroponics  , we have quite a few products for cutting and seedling propagation. In the early stages of a plants life, you are setting it up for an intensive grow. For this reason it is important that you get things right to keep the health of the young plants up.  To have a look at what we have available, please click on this link, or go to “Propagation” on our website.

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