Secret Jardin Blue TLED




The Secret Jardin Blue TLED is a great little light that can make a big difference. Normal HID sets are way too powerful for growing cuttings and will cook young plants. Growers tend to opt for a lower wattage solution such as a CFL system or T5 and these are great, but have a disadvantage. The light they emit goes in all directions! While you can bounce it back with a reflector, it loses a lot of its intensity. The Secret Jardin Blue TLED has all of its LEDs pointing downwards, right where you want it. What’s more the light they give out is the best for photosynthesis which makes for healthy, vital clones and seedlings.

The Secret Jardin Blue TLED is low power while still offering a decent lumen output. This is not only great for propagation, but also as a supplementary light source. Users can clip it onto tent poles with the fittings that come with it and direct it into the plant canopy. If you have large leaves that over shadow lower branches, this can be a perfect way giving them some light. Fitting one on each corner of a grow tent is a great low cost, low wattage method of boosting usable lumens in the growing area.

They come with a standard UK plug so you can just plug them in and switch on. Alternatively, you can safely run them through a standard segment timer with no danger of damaging it. If you want to have a look at a working model of this fitting, drop into your local branch where there is one on display!

What alternatives are there to the Secret Jardin Blue TLED?

We have a few other lights available for propagation at Straight Up Hydroponics. To have a look at what else we have, please click on this link.

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