Secret Jardin DR Tents (Dark Room) REV3.0




The Secret Jardin DR Tents are a professional grade grow tent and the new revision only adds to the features! These tents have been around for years and have a huge user base of loyal growers. Their simple but effective design makes them easy to assemble, easy to use and easy to clean. The strong steel bars are 19mm across with 0.6mm material thickness. Not only are they very strong, they also have zinc plating to increase corrosion resistance. The strong plastic corners are also very strong and easily able to take the weight of a reflector and filter kit. The material of the Secret Jardin DR Tents is a mylar 210D lining making it very reflective. It is also a tear resistant fabric for toughness and long life.

The new revision of the Secret Jardin DR Tents includes a few useful accessories too. It comes with a pair of straps for hanging filters from the bars and a pair of hooks for hanging a reflector. Then there are the cable clips which clip over the tent bars and have another clip on them to hold cables. No more hanging wires in the grow tent; they’ll all be nicely out of the way! Secret Jardin have also come up with a way to stop the sides of the tent sucking in when the fans are on. A mid level support structure runs around the middle of the tent and is easily removable without having to take the tent down. Finally there is an accessory pouch that can be set at whatever height you need. These extras are what set the new Jardins apart from the competition.

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