Shogun Start


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Shogun Start is a milder formula plant nutrient that is made for young plants at the start of the grow cycle. It helps stimulate root sprouting by using auxins, a natural plant growth regulator found in most plants. The reduces rooting time helps increase the strike rate of cuttings, giving more plants overall to work with.

Just because Shogun Start is not as strong as a main nutrient, it doesn’t mean you’re getting a watered down version. It has been made specifically to target a plants needs at the early stages to set it up for a strong and healthy life. It promotes the growth of white roots with plenty of root hairs for maximum nutrient and water absorption and the SmartZen reduces stress. Shogun Start contains all the trace elements a plant needs at full strength, while still being gentle enough to see the plant through early stages. All the ingredients are “technical grade” rather than “fertilizer grade” meaning they are of a better quality. There are no heavy metals or pesticides in the formula.

For best results, use Start for the first 2 weeks before moving onto a main line nutrient (Shogun Terra Grow, for example). Start is also great as a mother plant feed, and is most effective when used in combination with Katana Roots.

Alternatives to Shogun Start

There are a few other early plant feeds available, and while many people advocate just watering down the main grow nutrient, this may not be best for the plant. The formulas in products such as Canna Start, Mills Start and Aptus Startbooster are made specifically to cater to the needs of young plants and seedlings, much like Shogun Start. All of these products are on our website, and you can browse through them by clicking here.

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