Canna Terra Professional Plus Soil


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Canna Terra Professional Plus is up there with the very best potting mixes available today. It works exceptionally well alongside the Canna Terra base nutrient range, where you’ll achieve great results. Canna tune their formula for this soil for indoor growing and all of the challenges that brings. You can, of course, still use it outdoor and get good results.

Terra Professional Plus uses airy peat moss and a type of anti-fungal tree bark in its mix. This combo not only provides an amazing environment for roots, but fights off attack from pathogens too! Canna use enough lime in the mix to balance the pH across the entire cycle, boosting nutrient uptake. There is also enough fertilizer to see plants through the early stages. The ratios fit nicely alongside the Terra nutrient range, allowing seamless transition into a feeding regime. You can, of course, use any other soil nutrient with this media and get great results! Available in 50L bags.

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