TopFert Foliar Fertilizer 500ml



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TopFert from Flairform is a sprayable nutrient formula which absorbs rapidly through leaf surfaces. It is great for use alongside your regular base nutrient where it’ll promote lush, strong foliage. With use, it’ll ripen and firm fruit, leading to a higher quality product.

TopFert is a great way of rectifying common nutrient deficiencies that may occur in intensive grows. If you are having issues with your roots such as disease or damage, foliar feeding can save the day! It contains inorganic nutrients including a full profile of trace elements in chelate form as well as organic marine extracts. The NPK ratio is 3-0.4-4.

Always give nutrients and additives a good shake before using. This will ensure all of the ingredients that may settle are back in the mix when pouring it out. Add each product to the nutrient tank one at a time, giving a good stir in between. Never mix concentrates together in neat form as they can react badly, causing clumping of some elements. This can cause malnutrition or ineffectiveness and is a waste of nutrient! We would always recommend following the manufacturer’s instructions for best results.

Alternative to TopFert

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