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Pure Factory 8L Intelligent Humidifier


The Pure Factory 8L Intelligent Humidifier boosts moisture levels in your grow room which can have lots of beneficial effects. Many growers focus so much on root zone and ideal nutrition that the environment can become neglected. Plants lose a fair amount of water through their leaves from small openings called Stomata. If the plant loses too much water, it can suffer a great deal. Internal water pressure drops in cells and the plant wilts. This can cause the plant to work hard to draw up water from the media. In a grow room, with the air exchange fans running, air humidity can drop as the air is constantly pulled upwards towards the fan. This too can contribute to low humidity. By adding some extra moisture to the environment, you can help support the plants growth.

Can I use the Intelligent Humidifier at all stages of growth?

During the propagation stage, high humidity is a must. In fact it is best to have cuttings at 100% humidity as they have no roots to draw up water. In the main grow phase, humidity plays a role in supporting the plants growth, making sure water loss is minimized. During blooming however, you should be careful not to have too much moisture in the air. Flowers and buds can trap it and there it can cause bud rot to set in.

The Pure Factory Intelligent Humidifier can hold 8 litres of water and output between 250 and 350ml of water vapour an hour. It has low power consumption at 32w so won’t cost too much to run! At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have specific water, especially for use in a humidifier. It won’t cause scale build up or residue formation on the leaves as it is pure water with all the impurities removed. To see it on our website, please click this link.


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