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RAM Bug Barrier (Various sizes)


£4.50 – £9.00


The RAM Bug Barrier is a fine mesh screen for intake fans to prevent insects in your grow-room. This screen comes with Velcro strips for you to attach to your intake fan to allow for easy adjustment. When the user fits it correctly, it creates an effective way of keeping pests from entering your room. Insects can get into rooms in a number of ways, but the intake fan actively sucks them in if they move into the air stream. These mesh filters are a cheap, easy to fit way to keep the nasties out! What’s more, the Bug Barrier barely makes any difference to air flow.

The RAM Bug Barrier is available in all the usual ducting sizes that we stock at Straight Up Hydroponics. They are a great addition to your grow room ventilation system, especially when the weather warms up. At these time, bugs multiply quickly and are more likely to make it onto your plants, potentially ruining all your hard work. For a few quid, you can safeguard you room from infestation of these pests!

I got the RAM Bug Barrier too late! I have bugs on my plants!

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a range of pesticides and insect control solutions available. If you want to know what’s available, please call us or look on our website by clicking on this link!

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