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RAM Dehumidifier


The RAM Dehumidifier helps control the environment in your grow room and can have many beneficial effects on plants. The plants perform better at different relative humidity levels in different stages of growth. In general, cuttings and seedlings do better with very high humidity, with 100% being ideal. This is because very young plants lose moisture easily and can easily dry out; especially cuttings. As the plant goes through its life cycle the target humidity lowers, until your garden is between 40 and 50% for flowering. Too much moisture in the air during this stage can cause issues with rot, as water vapour overwhelms the tightly packed flowers.
Wildly fluctuating humidity levels can have a negative effect on transpiration. This is the process where evaporation on the leaves surface causes water and nutrients to be drawn upwards through the stem. If humidity is too high, transpiration slows as water cannot evaporate into the already damp environment. The RAM Dehumidifier can remove up to 10 litres of water a day from your grow room, helping to keep growth rates up and mould at bay. The unit has a 1.8L holding tank and will need to be emptied for continuous use. Alternatively, it can run with continuous draining, negating the need to empty the tank.
Features of the RAM Dehumidifier
– Can be set to maintain humidity from 35% to 80%, in 5% intervals
– Can be set to run continuously, no matter the relative humidity
– Features a quiet mode for night time use (reduces effectiveness)
– Ideal for spaces 10m to 20m square
– Auto cut off when the water tank is full
– Includes castors for easy manoeuvrability
– Timer function lets the user define a window of operation
– Noise level 42dB
– Air treatment capacity 100m3/ hr
Humidity is an often overlooked environmental factor that, with proper control, can really make a real difference to the grow and yield.

Alternatives to the RAM Dehumidifier

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a couple of less technical product for reducing humidity. These “Dry Bag” products draw moisture from the air using a chemical compound. We also have a couple of humidifiers available if you need to actively raise moisture levels. All of these products are on our website, and you can see them by clicking here.

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