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Rock Resinator


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Rock Resinator is a potent blend of ingredients that will increase oil production in plants as well as boosting flowering. It contains potassium and phosphorus in a highly useable form that the plant can absorb and use quickly. With access to so much raw material, the plant is free to pack on mass to the fruits, increasing harvest weight. Rock Resinator is a great product to enhance yields and it is compatible alongside any nutrient regime.

As well as potassium and phosphorus, Rock Resinator also contains citric metabolites to boost the Krebs cycle. This important chain of reactions is responsible for the release of energy, effectively speeding up metabolism. This is the secret to how it works, by packing in more “work” per day, swelling the fruits to the max! There are no chemical plant growth regulators (PGR’s) in Rock Resinator; only naturally brewed, decomposed plant materials. It flows well and will not clog lines in irrigation systems and is suitable for soil, coco and hydro.

If you want high quality, tasty fruit, Rock Resinator may be just what you need!! More essential oils in the fruit will give more intense flavour and aromas. Higher oil content in herbs means a more intense flavour, especially I the herbs are dry. This is because oils do not evaporate during the drying process and are left behind, concentrating flavours.

Alternatives to Rock Resinator

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a few other oil boosters available to enhance the quality and weight of crops. These include Terpinator, Bud Factor X and Honey Chome. You can find all of these products on our website by clicking here.


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