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Rope Ratchet Light Hangers



Rope Ratchet Heavy Duty Light Hangers can take a weight of up to 68kg (in pairs). This means that it is now possible to hang much larger reflectors in the grow room. Reflectors such as the Icarus Air-Cooled Reflector and the Dominator XXXL Reflector which incorporate glass panels. They also adjust their position without having to dismantle the set-up of the system thereby possibly damaging your precious plants. Rope Ratchet Heavy Duty Light Hangers are suitable for hanging carbon filters and other heavy grow room equipment. They operate by the use of carabiner clips that close to make a loop, keeping the reflector firmly in place.

The carabiner clip connected to the light fitting attaches to a ratchet unit fitted with a button. This is held down when positioning the reflector until the reflector is in its ideal position. Rope Ratchets have many uses in both the grow room and beyond. There are many applications for this product in the household, workshops and industrial use.

What are the alternatives to the Rope Ratchet Light Hangers?

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a few other products for hanging lights and other equipment. You can see them and all the other accessories we have available by clicking on this link.

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