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Systemair RVK Fan – Various sizes


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Hydroponics RVK Fans from Systemair are German-made inline fans that are of proven reliability and can be trusted to be maintenance-free. The RVK fan has been a favourite choice for indoor growers for many years, and for good reason. You can position them anywhere in the grow room or grow tent using the convenient mounting bracket. RVK Sileo fans are housed in a casing of extremely durable 30% fibre glass reinforced polypropylene. This means they will withstand most grow room uses, running 24 hours a day with no issues. Please note that RVK Sileo fans do not come with plugs or power cables. Available in models from 100 mm (4”) to 250mm (10″). The air movement capacities of the RVK Sileo range of hydroponics fans are as follows:

RVK Fan Max. Airflow:

100E2 Fan – 184m³/hr
125E2 Fan – 220m³/hr
125E2-L Fan – 323m³/hr
150E2 Fan – 428m³/hr
150E2-L Fan – 720m³/hr
200E2 Fan – 796m³/hr
200E2-L Fan – 1008m³/hr
250E2 Fan – 863m³/hr
250E2-L Fan – 1080m³/hr
315E2 Fan – 1300m³/hr

The RVK fan is a versatile piece of kit and many people use them in air conditioning systems, helping the movement of air. This is why they do not come with cables as they ideally hard wire into the power. At Straight Up Hydroponics, you can pick up a Lumii power cable to go with the fan. The amp rating on these cables is 13 amp and may be too much if there is a power surge. We recommend switching the fuse out for a 5 amp for better protection. The fan will still work with a 13 amp fuse but there is a slightly higher risk of damage in case of a surge.

RVK Fans are suitable for use with many types of fan speed controller. Please be aware that many may cause a humming sound as the electricity “pulses” to control the speed. For quieter control, we suggest a SMS Hybrid controller.

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