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Scalpel – Sterile and Individually Wrapped


£1.00 – £8.00


A sterile scalpel is a must-have if you want to take neat and disease-free cuttings. These sterile scalpels will allow growers to take a clean and accurate cutting from mother plants. The Scalpel will cause minimal tissue damage to the cutting or stem. The scalpels are sterile until you remove them from their individual packaging. You can be sure that no disease microbes come from the blade when making the cut. Sterile scalpels are the perfect tool for the job when it comes to taking cuttings. Scalpels are available individually or in boxes of 10.

Best use of a Scalpel.

These scalpels are extremely sharp and the user should handle them with care. Always be sure to dispose of scalpels carefully after use. For best results, use a new sterile scalpel for each fresh batch of cuttings to ensure no disease gets to your plants. After taking a cutting, dip the cut end into Clonex rooting gel to promote rapid rooting. Insert the cutting into Root Riots, Jiffy 7s or rockwool starter cubes and keep in a warm and humid environment such as a propagator. If taking cuttings during the cooler months, we recommend using a propagation heat mat to ensure optimal temperature for rapid rooting.

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a few other products that help with propagation. These include foliar sprays, seed soaks, rooting gels and media cubes. To see what we have available, please click on this link.

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