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Secret Jardin DP90 (Dark Propagator 90) REV4.0

SKU: SJDP900001


The Secret Jardin DP90 is an ideal propagation tent that will fit nicely into a corner! Measuring 90cm x 60cm x 98cm, it is a smaller environment to control for smaller plants. Plants at the early stage of life need a high humidity level and if you’re trying to do this in a large tent, it can be a struggle. Being 98cm tall, the DP90 will easily hold a couple of large propagators and a light above. This is a far easier area to keep humid and warm, perfect for delicate plants.

Revision 4 Secret Jardin tents come with the necessary tools to cut your own holes in the tent so you can have ventilation ports where you need them. Don’t worry – its very easy to do!

What else is available, apart from the Secret Jardin DP90?

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have the Secret Jardin Lodge 90 and 120. These are multi compartment tents, suitable for propagators and a mother plant or small vegging room. They are larger than the Secret Jardin DP90, which is great news if you want an upgrade! We also have a large number of products to do with propagation online too. If you need propagators, clonex, scalpels, peat plugs, sprays and more, you can see them all here on our site. Propagation is a very important time for a plant and can affect the rest of its life. A good propagation can set the plant up with a vigorous grow and bloom!


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