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Secret Jardin L120 (Lodge 120) REV2.6

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The Secret Jardin Lodge 120 tent allows you the flexibility of multiple grow spaces in one convenient tent! The large part can easily hold a mother plant, keeping it ticking over in the veg stage. The smaller areas are great for use during the vegetative stage or for cuttings. The 2 smaller parts are the perfect size for a T5 2 tube light or a Secret Jardin Blue TLED. To have a look at our propagation lighting, please click on this link. The larger section of the tent will comfortably take a 250w lighting kit. Great for bringing plants on or for early blooming, if you only have a couple of plants. It is also perfect to keep a mother plant in and it is right next to where the cuttings are.

The dividing walls are completely light proof, meaning your varying lighting periods will not interfere with the other grow phases going on in other sections of the tent. All internal surfaces are coated with 95% reflective mylar that ensures a huge portion of light that hits it goes back into the growing area. This is a great way to maximize light in your grow room and ensure your plants get as much as possible from the lamp. The Secret Jardin Lodge 120 tent is easy to assemble and come with very strong bars for durability and the removable bases make for quick and simple clean up.

Lodge 120 dimensions: 120cm x 90cm x 145cm

Apart from the Secret Jardin Lodge 120, what are the options?

Many growers underestimate the importance of propagation, but get it right and it’ll give your plants a huge head start. At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a range of products for the propagation stage. From lighting, media, cloning gel to more tents they are all under “Propagation” on our website. To have a look at what is available, please click this link.

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