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Standard Mylar Sheeting – 25m


These 25m Mylar Sheeting rolls are great if you need to cover a large area with a highly reflective surface. It isn’t quite as thick as our heavy duty mylar but it is still just as reflective! For best results, tape it to walls in long, flat sheets to gain maximum effect, reflecting wayward light back towards plants.

Bouncing light back has a significant benefit for your plants. Generally, plants are lit from above and if you have large upper leaves, they can overshadow those below. Any light that reflects off of the mylar is on a downward trajectory and will strike lower leaves. By subjecting more leaves to more light, more sugars are synthesized and growth is boosted.

Alternatives to Standard Mylar Sheeting

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have other sheeting types available for varying uses. We have heavy duty mylar and diamond sheeting, white light tight sheeting as well as very thick floor sheeting. All of these products are on our website which you can see by clicking here.

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