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Sticky Insect Traps

SKU: PST00001-SP


Sticky Insect Traps are great for helping control insect infestation around the growing area. They are effective in the capture of whitefly, greenfly, fungus gnat fly, thrips, aphids, midges and leaf miners. In fact, they will help stop any flying insects in the area they are in. Many destructive bugs find bright colours attractive as they look like flowers and they use this to home in on plants. The Sticky Insect Traps are a vivid yellow in colour which makes them more likely to attract the pests.

When the insect lands on the trap, it sticks firmly to the highly tacky surface, rendering it immobile. As it struggles to free itself, it sticks more and more until it dies. While Sticky Insect Traps are not an active killer like a pesticide spray, they are invaluable in keeping numbers down. As these types of insect reproduce quickly, lowering numbers is a very effective way of controlling populations.

How do I use the Sticky Insect Traps?

Take an insect trap and find a suitable place to hang it. They are most effective when the user places some low and some higher in the grow room. This will help catch the high flying bugs and those that hop around the substrates. Hang the trap up using the twist ties that come with the pack. When in place, simply peel back the covering on both sides to reveal the sticky part underneath. That’s it! Don’t hang them in a place where leaves might stick to them. This can cause them damage and be an invite for disease to set in. Please note: Actual product may differ from picture as suppliers change their stocks!

What can I use alongside the Sticky insect Traps?

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a selection of pesticides available for the control of pests in the grow room. You can see what we have by clicking on this link.

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