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Sunblaster Nano Tech T5 Propagation Light Medium: 90cm – 39w



PLEASE NOTE: The Sunblaster Nano Tech T5 90cm fitting incurs a handling fee from the courier when sending mail order. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The Sunblaster Nano Tech T5 Propagation Light is a great choice for bringing on young plants. They offer reliability, performance and flexibility (in use; you can’t bend them!). Many people choose to use them over the top of cuttings or seedlings and then as supplementary light after transplanting them. They do this by mounting the unit vertically up the side of a tent pole (for example), introducing more light from the side. Their slim design means they take up little room when you use them in this way, but still offer good light output.

The new edition Sunblaster Nano Tech T5 fittings incorporate the most advanced on board electronics in the industry. All Sunblaster T5HO lamps run at optimum temperature, lowering heat production and extending lamp life. They all now have a cold chamber too which holds the mercury gas at the temperature. This boosts efficiency and while increasing light output. The shade has an extremely high reflection level, meaning far less light goes to waste. These fittings are great value for money that offer some top tier features!

Another good thing about the Sunblaster Nano Tech T5 is their connectivity. Each unit comes with a short piece of cable for connecting it to another Sunblaster unit. You can join up to 8 units in this way and have them in a side by side arrangement or all in a line. What’s more, it will do this while only drawing power from one power socket. It is a great way to start small and expand if you want to!

Sunblaster propagation lights are highly efficient and use 50% less energy than a standard fluorescent lamp. Seeds will get off to a great start and these lights can also be used to provide extra light in autumn to encourage crops to ripen. This pack includes: 1 x SunBlaster T5 Lighting System 90cm 54w, 1 x T5 Lamp Blue 6500K 39w, 1 x Nano Reflector (increases reflectivity by 300%), 1 x Link Cable, 1 x Power Cord, Hanging Clips.

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have other options available for propagation. To see what we have, please click on this link.

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