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TNB Enhancer Refill Pack


The TNB CO2 Enhancer Refill Pack is for recharging the TNB bottle after the contents have done their thing. By purchasing an Enhancer refill pack, you can keep the bottle and pay less over time. Simply give the bottle a good rinse out after use, emptying the contents out. Wait for it to dry and refill it with this pack – good to go! If you haven’t seen the Enhancer TNB Bottle and you’re here by chance, here is a bit about them! You can also see them on our website by clicking here.

The Enhancer from TNB has the potential to raise yield by delivering a steady supply of carbon dioxide. They are very easy to use and each one is suitable for treating a 144 square foot area. Adding carbon dioxide is one of the best ways to increase your plants performance as it is essential to photosynthesis. Much like nutrients, if a plant has a plentiful supply it can achieve spectacular results!

How to use The Enhancer Bottle

Simply remove the lid of the bottle and add 1 litre of lukewarm water. Place the lid back on the bottle and remove the sticker on the top, revealing the vent. While covering the vent, give the bottle a shake to help mix up the contents. Ideally, the bottle should then sit above the plants, where the CO2 can drop onto them (it is heavier than air). Don’t place it close to filter as the CO2 will be taken straight out. If it is unavoidable, place the bottle in amongst the plants canopy. After the first shake, it will continuously release CO2 for 2 weeks and you can enhance this by shaking it every day. If you have the option, place the bottle near an oscillating fan to spread it around more. TNB Bottles are not suitable for use outdoors as the gas will dissipate quickly and without the effect.

What are the alternatives to The Enhancer?

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a few other options for increasing CO2 levels in the grow room. The Exhale bags contain a fungal mass in a sealed bag that slowly releases carbon dioxide over a 6 month period. Alternatively, we have CO2 tablets that you drop into water where they slowly dissolve, releasing their gas. You can see all of these options on our website by clicking on this link.

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