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WeDryer – Active Crop Dryer


£69.50 – £89.50


The WeDryer gives you faster, more even drying for your home grown herbs and spices, without the risk of mould. It features a unique air circulation system that has been shown to give a constant and uniform air flow, reducing moisture levels quickly and lowering the risk of rot. Each WeDryer system comes complete with a fan to circulate air and a filter to trap smells, stopping any odours from escaping. The filter also helps keep the contents of the WeDryer isolated from the outside, stopping contaminants from entering the drying area.

There are 2 sizes of WeDryer to suit your needs; The standard version is 30cm in diameter, 40cm in height, with 4 tiers. This size is recommended for drying about 600 – 700g of “wet” herbs. The XL version is quite a bit bigger at 60cm in diameter, 60cm in height, with 5 tiers. It is recommended that this size will dry about 3 – 4kg of “wet” herbs. WeDryer typically takes about 7 days to dry your crop, but will be dependent on the starting moisture levels. It does this quietly and efficiently, and in a small space; you can then use your growing area to begin a new grow if need be.

Alternatives to the WeDryer

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a couple of other products that will help facilitate the drying of your plants. There are a couple of drying nets of slightly differing design as well as dehumidifiers and dry bags. These can be found on our website by clicking here.

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