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Wilt Guard 1L from CX Horticulture



Wilt Guard from CX Horticulture helps plants fight off attack from root damaging diseases such as pythium. The advanced formula gives a high level of protection especially at highly stressful times. When plants are in bloom and you’re pushing them to the max, they can be susceptible to attack. Wilt Guard uses a special potassium compound that regulates osmotic pressure within the plant. It also helps regulate water loss and helps the plants stay healthy.

Wilt Guard is suitable for use right through the life of the plant from growth to late flowering. With a dose rate of 1ml per litre, it is also great value! It is also fine for use alongside your usual nutrient range. As with all nutrients and additives, give it a good shake before use. This makes sure all of the ingredients are even throughout the bottle. Also, never mix nutrients in concentrate form. They can react badly and clump together, making some elements unavailable to the plant. This can cause the products to not work as they should and can also cause malnutrition.

For the very best results, we recommend using Wilt Guard alongside Regen-A-Root from CX Horticulture. They work very well together to protect the roots from pathogen attack and keep the whole root zone clean.

What alternatives are there to Wilt Guard?

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a couple of products to help protect against root rot. Wilt Guard is best for soil and coco applications but if you are using hydroponics, Pyth Off is probably better. To see all of the additives we have online, please click on this link.

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