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BioGreen X-Force is one of the flagship products in this range and with good reason! It has a massive and rapid effect on plants, making them stronger, healthier and vital. Its formula consists of a spore fertiliser that enriched with a highly available form of silicic acid. The benefits X-Force gives your plants are numerous.

  • Tissue strengthening: Silica in this form strengthens the plant cells in a much better way than other types of silicon. It creates a buffer around cells as well as strengthening their walls. Without this buffer, the plant would be strong, but also brittle; making it easy to snap branches off when bent (such as when moving around your grow room). This toughness makes it harder for insects to bite into and diseases to penetrate, giving a much better resistance to attack.
  • Boosts chlorophyll: More of which allows the plant to create more sugars within the leaves. This is the fuel with which all plant functions are powered, so more of it means stronger growth.
  • Reduction in sodium absorption: Salt stress is a problem for many plants, so controlling its ingress into the plant stops unhealthy amounts from accumulating in tissues.
  • Increased potassium absorption: As one of the N.P.K. nutrients, plants use vast quantities of potassium, so having easy access to it only helps plants develop fully.
  • Protection from environmental stressors: Plants in grow rooms often suffer from non organic factors such as cold draughts, UV damage, temperature spikes and drought.

X-Force is for use from the early stages of growth right through to the end. Although it may sound expensive, the dose rate of 15ml per 100L means a little goes a long way. The benefits will surely offset the initial cost! Shake well before use and be sure not to mix concentrates together. Add nutrients and additives one at a time to water, stirring well between them.

Alternatives to BioGreen X-Force

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a few other silicon additive products available. There are cheap and cheerful versions that many use as a “just in case” additive, and there are specially formulated products such as Solar Green Power, Bio Silicon and others. All of these are on our website, and you can see them by clicking here.

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