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X-Stream Brown Spray Head



Now and then the X-Stream Brown Spray heads can become a bit clogged up on the X-Stream propagator systems (or more likely they get lost!). These are direct replacements manufactured by X-Stream, so you know they will fit your system.

The X-Stream Aeroponics Propagator gives growers the quickest route to healthy transplants. It is suitable for seeds cuttings in any growing medium or the grower can opt for using the mesh pots and neoprene clone collars. The high-dome lid of the X-Stream Aeroponics Propagator has large butterfly vents for greater control over humidity and temperature. After rooting in the X-Stream propagator, you can then transplant the plants to any medium or hydro system.

The fast, strong root growth which occurs has made these aeroponics propagators a firm favourite with our customers. Using the X-Stream Propagator ensures the fastest, strongest root growth for your cuttings. It is a complete clone system which creates an exceptionally oxygen-rich environment resulting in faster root development and better success rates. Plants are ready for transplanting sooner than ever.

Every X-Stream includes a Humidity Dome enabling growers to keep young plants in a totally protective environment. It system sprays a fine mist in a high oxygen environment that is a great place for roots to develop. The humidity dome creates a humid environment to stimulate growth and to protect plants from sudden changes in temperature. The vents in the dome enable the grower to reduce humidity as and when required.

Is the X-Stream propagator really that good?

Aeroponics is famous for being the most productive method of growing plants without soil. Instead of absorbing feed and water from running liquid, aeroponically grown plants receive theirs at root level through a fine mist. This introduces large amounts of air into the equation for faster nutrient uptake and better root zone health. Rooting times are vastly lower and success rates are significantly better – not only that but root development also greatly improves. Your plants will get the best possible start in life.

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a range of products for propagation. To see what we have available, please click this link!

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